starring Rachel Adams as UltraGirl
produced by Cinched & Secured
written by SHBinder
original release date: 3/26/2018

Video Synopsis

Deep in his secret warehouse in the heart of the city, The Collector is reviewing his latest shipment of women. Unbeknownst to him, UltraGirl (Rachel Adams) has located his lair and is hot on his trail! After wending her way through the catacombs of his hideout, she spies The Collector! Rushing to him, she clamps her powerful hand around his throat, picking him up off the ground as she demands to know what he has done with the missing women. When he refuses to talk, she tosses him through the air and pins his body to the ground, sitting on his chest with her knees pinning his shoulders to the concrete floor. The Collector has a surprise for her, however, and she is jabbed in the ass with a hypodermic filled with a tranquilizing truth serum! Woozy, she rolls of her foe, and finds herself helpless to resist answering his questions. to reveal that her strength lies in her power belt, she cannot resist as he removes it from her costume! The Collector has special plans for her, and clamps a rag over her face that has been laced with a special rest serum! She struggles, “mmmmpppphhh”ing behind the cloth as she grows weaker and drowsier.

When she awakens, she discovers she has been tightly bound on the floor of the warehouse. Struggling to free herself, she wonders what has become of her power belt. The Collector arrives to taunt her with the belt, knowing she cannot escape as long as it is in his clutches! He gags her with a harness gag and hogties the helpless heroine, and for extra psychological torment, tosses the belt a few feet in front of her! He’s going to sell the poor girl, just like he did to all the other missing women! The Collector leaves her to to struggle and contemplate her fate! Mewling and fighting, she slowly inches her way to the belt only to have it snatched away from her just before she can retrieve it!

The Collector adds to her ropes , binding her in a fiendishly tight hogtie, her head pulled back, arms locked down, and every bit of rope anchored to the crotch rope that splits her sex! Any movement at all tightens the crotch rope even further, but that isn’t the least of her woes! She’s been sold to one of the city’s most vicious criminals, The Annihilator! The Collector leaves her on the cold and filthy floor to prepare the items to ship her bound body. Barely able to move a muscle, the poor super-heroine twitches and drools as she struggles to endure this brutal tie, until The Collector returns to render her resting once more!!

Confident she won’t awaken anytime soon, he readies the materials for her shipment. Her boots are removed (they’ll make a nice little souvenir) and she’s slipped into tight nylon stocking, encasing her and trapping her arms at her sides while fusing her legs together. The Collector then begins to wrap the napping superheroine in a tight tape cocoon. Midway through the process she comes to, but it’s too late to stop him from stuffing her mouth and wrapping her face in the sticky tape! Unable to call for help, she writhes and wriggles in an effort to escape her prison, but it’s no use. For her final humiliation, she’s rolled over onto her stomach and a “SOLD” label affixed to her ass! Her new owner will arrive soon, and the subdued girl has only one chance for escape: If she can reach her power belt, her powers will be restored! Slowly, painfully inching her bound body across the warehouse floor, she fights against the clock for her freedom. Does she succeed, or has The Collector made another sale??


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