starring Karly Salinas as UltraGirl

also starring Indica Jane Fetish as The Chameleon

produced by Bound In The Midwest

written by SH Binder

original release date: 5/22/2020

Video Synopsis

On The Planet Earth K, UltraGirl has come to check out a house that someone has broken into. She walks in to see a messy room. While checking it out, Officer Sawyer arrives and believes UltraGirl has committed a crime and must arrest her and take her downtown. UltraGirl reluctantly complies to prove her innocence. After she is searched and groped she is tied with zip ties and taken downtown.

Once they are in the interrogation room, UltraGirl asks the officer if the cuffs are necessary. UltraGirl is convinced to remove her power belt so that the officer can remove the cuffs. Now powerless, UltraGirl is knocked out by the officer.

UltraGirl awakens hogtied and the officer reveals that she is The Chameleon and the staged robbery was a trap set for UltraGirl so that The Chameleon could capture UltraGirl and steal her power belt. While UltraGirl is left to struggle bound and gagged, The Chameleon hands UltraGirl’s power belt to a dark figure who tells her that “a crisis is coming …”




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