starring Constance as UltraGirl
produced by Constance’s Crazy Cinemas
written by SHBinder
original release date: 9/20/2016

Video Synopsis

UltraGirl had heard that there were clues to catching the bad guy in a downtown office building. So she landed on the balcony and opened up one of the doors and started to search for the clues. But what she didn’t forsee is the events that followed. As UltraGirl is searching for the clues, this shadow figure came up from behind her and knocked her out. UltraGirl struggled and tried to fight The Shadow off, but to no avail. UltraGirl collapsed onto the floor.

The Shadow decided to then play with her limp body. So he lifted her arms and legs up and watched as they fell completely on the floor. He then tossed her head back and forth and opened her eyelids up to see the whites of the eyes. But The Shadow decided that wasn’t enough. He then proceeded to tie her wrists and ankles together. He then picked her up, carried her a bit, spanked her ass and then put her on a desk tied in a hogtie.

After a while, UltraGirl awakens and is very confused and really dizzy. She tries to get up, but the realizes she is tied. She struggles a bit and tries to get out, but the bonds are too tight. She then tries to scream for help, but The Shadow didn’t want that so he ballgags her. She moans and is still fighting but then The Shadow brings the white cloth to her nose and UltraGirl breathes it in and her eyes flutter and she falls . The Shadow then continues to run his hands on her body. Can UltraGirl escape The Shadow?


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