first appearance: 9/20/2016 in “UltraGirl vs The Shadow”
photo credit: SHBinder


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9/20/16UltraGirl vs The Shadow pt 1Constance’s Crazy Cinemas
9/27/16UltraGirl vs The Shadow pt 2Constance’s Crazy Cinemas
10/27/16UltraGirl Over Her HeadConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
3/13/17UltraGirl vs The CountessConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
5/2/17UltraGirl Stolen IdentityConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
6/19/17UltraGirl Team Tryout TrapConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
6/20/17Hapless UltraGirl in Heavy Rope BondageThe Hunter’s Lair
6/30/17UltraGirl vs The RobberConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
7/28/17UltraGirl Enters The Hunter’s LairConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
9/26/17Batgirl Lured By UltraGirlConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
12/15/17UltraGirl’s Defiant DoomConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
12/27/17Wonder Woman Cali vs UltraGirl ConstanceConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
5/16/18Sexy Feet of ConstanceConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
12/7/18UltraGirl and Supergirl Trapped by The Black WitchConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
2/22/19Superheroine (UltraGirl) RestsConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
4/29/19Canary Under Control UltraGirl in PerilBound In The Midwest
4/11/20Super Tomi Attacked, UltraGirl’s DemiseConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
6/5/20UltraGirl Prime Strung Up OutsideConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
10/16/20UltraGirl Trio TrapConstance’s Crazy Cinemas
12/5/20The Collector Collects UltraGirlsConstance’s Crazy Cinemas

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