starring Rachel Adams as UltraGirl

produced by Cinched & Secured

written by SHBinder

original release date: 11/14/2018

Video Synopsis

After UltraGirl escaped from the Collector, he swore revenge on her for the havoc she brought upon his lucrative white slavery ring. Now, his chance has come! After a brief struggle that ends with the Collector resting on the floor, UltraGirl finds a mysterious satchel that she believes contains important information as to the whereabouts of the missing women. Unfortunately for her, it’s a trap! A strange green gas blasts her directly in the face, and as she gasps for breath, the Collector springs up behind her! Clamping a hand tightly over her mouth, he chokes the helpless heroine out, then removes her boots and belt!

Powerless, UltraGirl awakens to find herself tightly secured in a web of leather straps! Defiantly, she curses out the Collector as he gloats over her helpless, struggling form. He has just the thing to shut her up: A special harness gag, complete with bomb strapped right into her protesting mouth! Left to struggle and await the explosion that will tear her head clean off, the frantic super-heroine struggles, mewls, grunts, thrashes and does everything possible to free herself! Can she get loose before the bomb that fills her mouth explodes??



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